Entertain With Dances

Entertain Baby (2).JPG

Today, I got silly for Veronika!

Moms and Dads, set aside your inhibitions, prop your little one up, and get dancing. I promise you that your baby won’t judge; he or she will just love the show.

To make things fun for Veronika, I picked kid-friendly dance music, pulling from Travis’s music mix (think: the type of songs you hear at a Gymboree over and over and over).

entertain baby (4)

For added effect, I even put on a “costume” – a top hat and feather boa.

entertain baby (1)

Now it was time to pull out dance moves from back in my high school theater days – jazz hands and chorus line feet were in heavy rotation. The hat made a perfect peek-a-boo prop mid-dance!

entertain baby (5)

She seemed so into it, if perhaps mildly startled at mommy’s antics at times!

I also tapped her little feet along to the rhythm, so she could feel it in her body.

entertain baby (3)

Bottom line: don’t feel silly – get silly! Your baby will love the entertainment.


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