Touch and Feel

touch and feel (6)

Today Veronika played around with new feelings and textures! Set out a little collection of toys, make sure baby’s tummy is bare, then have a little textured fun.

I collected a pile of different sensations: a woolly lamb toy, a squishy bird toy, a leather glove, and a rubber sensory ball.

touch and feel (1)

One by one, I rubbed each item on Veronika’s tummy. As I rubbed, I described the item, saying “woolly” or “soft” or whatever was appropriate to the item.

touch and feel (2)

Then I held it up, giving her the chance to see what the item was, and to reach with her fingers, if she wanted to.

touch and feel (5)

The leather glove was the most interesting to her, probably because she hasn’t encountered this material in toys before!

touch and feel (8)

I also let her try to hug the soft, squishy toy with both hands, although this type of grasp advanced for her age.

touch and feel (4)

Overall, her eyes were wide, and I could tell she liked the new sensations!

touch and feel (3)

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