Discovering Fire

Discovering Fire  (7).JPG

I had doubts that Travis would be interested in the final lesson plan to accompany our Fireside Feast Raddish Kit, specifically to accompany the Rosemary Focaccia recipe. But he proved me wrong, and it was a reminder we never know what our kids will love until we try an activity out!

The topic at hand seemed a bit advanced: learning about cavemen’s discovery of fire, and then role playing the discovery. There is a wonderfully detailed lesson plan to accompany this, if you are working with big kids!

For Travis, I knew we’d need to watch a video clip, first, or none of it would make any sense to him. He started out scared, since we’ve only ever talked about fire in safety contexts! But this, I explained to him, was finding good fire. We brainstormed what it might be good for. Light in the home, heat for food, safety from big animals, warmth in the winter. And my favorite suggestion of his: for marshmallows, obviously!

discovering fire (2)

Next we talked about other key inventions in human history. This was big thinking for a four year old. I was so proud of him when he came up with trains. Yes, wheels and transportation, I explained. We also settled on bags and containers, for transporting things like water and food; and tools.

He loved it so much that we explored further with an additional (somewhat silly) video.

Raddish’s lesson plan then encourages students to act out the discovery of fire with grunts and gestures. We tried grunting, but Travis quickly told me it hurt his throat, so our cavemen spoke English.

To make it concrete for him, we rolled up paper logs for a campfire.

discovering fire (4)

Next we scattered about tissue paper flames. I challenged him to discover the fire, and see how he would bring it back to his campsite! Here’s my little caveman at work:


He did it!

discovering fire (5)

We could also put tissue paper inside one of the newspaper tubes as a torch.

discovering fire (6)

Overall, this touched off a fantastic morning of learning and play – thanks for the unexpected delight, Raddish!

discovering fire (1)

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