Exaggerate Your Facial Expressions

Exaggerate (5)

As your baby learns about emotions and expressions, bigger is better. So today, while reading books and telling stories with Veronika, it was all about exaggeration!

My go-to stories to tell are Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the Three Little Pigs. Both of these feature a range of emotions, and Veronika echoed them back to me on her face.

Goldilocks was so excited to find the yummy porridge!

Exaggerate (1)

The bears were very concerned when they got back to the house.

Exaggerate (2)

Mama bear was surprised someone had eaten her porridge!

Exaggerate (4)

Hurray, the three pigs are safe from the big bad wolf.

Exaggerate (3)

Books with baby faces can also help your little one learn about facial cues. We love Baby Faces by Margaret Miller, which simply features… baby faces! I point out each emotion to Veronika, made the expression on my own face, and tell her what she’s looking at.

Exaggerate (6)

A useful activity to help your baby pick up on facial cues – an important skill for the lifetime ahead!


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