Learning to Point

Learn to Point (7).JPG

Pointing is an obvious thing that we do as adults, but such an important skill for a baby to learn. Especially before words come easily, many toddlers will point for what they want, which can ease frustration for a parent trying to understand! Get a head start and encourage pointing with this simple game.

I lined up a few toys in front of Veronika, slightly out of reach so she wouldn’t automatically grab them.

Learn to Point (1)

One by one, I pointed to each object and named it. I made sure to make my index finger very obvious, pointing and tapping it against the toy.

Learn to Point (3)

This inadvertently became a cute game of “you choose”, since she ignored some of the objects I pointed out, but others got scooped up in her hands almost immediately!

Learn to Point (4)

If that was the case, I pointed to it again as she held it.

Learn to Point (5)

Your baby won’t be pointing yet but may wave hands towards a particular toy or pat at it, both of which are good practice towards eventually using just the index finger.

Learn to Point (6)

Whatever the case, keep pointing, and your little one will soon follow suit!

Learn to Point (2)


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