Imaginative I

Imagine I (4).JPG

I is generally an easy letter to trace, and Travis enjoys the motions of this letter. But after tracing over it in his workbook, he and I stretched our imaginations to make 3-D versions of the letter!

First, I challenged him to seek out three things in the house that resembled an I. Basically, this can mean anything that’s long and straight.

It took him some wandering around the apartment, but he settled on a straw, a marker, and a piece of celery.

Imagine I (3)

Other good finds might include a stick, pencil, or asparagus spear!

For lower case i, we needed to be sure to include the dot. A baby carrot plus a grape on top did the trick!

Imagine I (1)

There are so many cute ways to come up with an i using found objects. What will your child choose? Please share in the comments!

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