Dressing with a Point

Dressing with Point (3)

I’ve always loved to narrate to my children during diaper changes, a moment that’s rife with opportunities for vocabulary-building: I point out the names of each article of clothing; use action words (taking off, putting on); and of course simply get silly to bond with baby. Today’s point was a little different; at eight months old, Veronika is nearly old enough to point, and I wanted to encourage the motion!

To do so, as I named each article of clothing, I also pointed to it. “Shorts,” I said (pointedly of course).

Dressing with Point (2)

Veronika didn’t point back, but she did do lots of grabbing for each piece of clothing, which is sort of the general idea.

Dressing with Point (1)

I pointed out pajamas…

Dressing with Point (6)

And onesies…

Dressing with Point (5)

And dresses in the closet.

Dressing with Point (4)

Keep repeating this game, and your little one might point before you know it. I think Veronika gets the point, even if she can’t quite mimic the motion yet!


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