DIY Lip Balm

Gallant Lipbalm (5).JPG

There was a jar of coconut oil in the pantry that I wanted to use up before an upcoming move, and thought it would be fun for Travis and I to make pots of DIY lip balm… the perfect remedy for dry lips on hot summer days.

To start, we stirred 1 pack of tropical punch Kool-Aid powder into 3 tablespoons olive oil for a purple-y hue. Although not something I ever have Travis drink straight, Kool-Aid does provide a fun punch of color sometimes. Alternatively, you can leave it clear.

Gallant Lipbalm (2)

Stir the olive oil mixture into 12 tablespoons coconut oil. (Note: Let your coconut oil soften first…which wasn’t hard here on a 90 degree day!).

Gallant Lipbalm (3)

We spooned this into individual tins; clear jars meant for beads from the craft store were the perfect size. Place the jars in the fridge to set.

Gallant Lipbalm (4)

Travis was a nut trying out the balm; it cracked him up that it made his lips red!

Gallant Lipbalm (6).JPG

We were inspired by the latest Gallant story in his Highlights magazine about boys who sell a similar lip balm to raise money for a cancer fundraiser. So we’re hoping to have a mini fundraiser with our little pots of balm and send to a favorite charity!

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