Listen Like a Whale

Listen Like Whale (2)

Talk about a milestone; my five year old is finally brave enough to tilt his head back in the tub and get his face underwater. This was a big step for Travis!

We celebrated the moment with a fun experiment I’d been telling him about for a while, ever since learning about whales with Kiwi Co’s baleen whale crate.

All you need to do is tap two spoons together in order to experiment with how sound travels both above and below water. First we tapped them out in the open air.

Listen Like Whale (1)

Next I tapped them underwater while his head was above water. The sound was quite muffled.

Listen Like Whale (4)

Now he leaned back until his ears were underwater, and he was able to hear the sounds much more clearly. “It also sounds deeper,” he commented, though I can’t say for sure if this was the case since my ears weren’t under there. Either way, he was quite happy to have done the experiment, and I think our little whale spout cover concurred!

Listen Like Whale (5)

The idea here is to illustrate why whale song can travel for hundreds of miles through ocean water; sound travels farther and faster in water than it does in air!

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