Bean Picture

Bean Pictures (6)

Engage your child’s budding artistic skills and fine motor skills with this quick project!

I invited Travis to draw anything he liked on thick watercolor paper, but suggested it needed to be something he could truly draw – not a “scribble scrabble” as he’ll do when he’s joking around. He thought about this and decided on a person.

Bean Pictures (1)

I love the way he draws people at age five: a very big head with round cheeks and small facial features, then tiny stick arms and legs.

Next I had him squirt glue all along the lines he had drawn. He took this mission very seriously.

Bean Pictures (2)

Finally, it was time to cover his person with dried beans. He laughed as he worked about “Mr. Bean,” and carefully added beans along every bit of glue.

Bean Pictures (3)

Near the end, he decided it wasn’t Mr. Bean after all… It was his baby sister!

Bean Pictures (4)

She needed a sun to stand under, so he penciled in a second circle, and insisted we cover that with glue and beans, too!

Bean Pictures (5)


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