Getting Used to Other Babies

Get Used to Babies (2)

Veronika is eight months old today! Eight months is a fantastic age to introduce the idea of parallel play; that is, playing alongside other babies or slightly older toddlers, even though children this young won’t play together yet.

The perfect candidates for this activity? Cousins! If you don’t have cousins nearby, seek out neighbors or friends whose children are close in age to your baby.

Other Babies (3)

Just watching bigger kids is a lesson for a baby. Veronika loved to sit near her toddler cousins as they all played in the same room.

Other Babies (2)

She’s been super-observant of cousins during summer get-togethers thus far, marveling at the big kids in the pool, playing by babies her age at the beach, watching older toddlers eat, and playing together in playrooms.

Other Babies (1)

Where does your child get to meet other babies and toddlers? Please share in the comments!


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