Noodle N

Noodle N (5).JPG

Travis traced the letter N today and enjoyed the two challenges I presented him with after to make 3-D models.

For the first, I gave him three new pencils. Could he figure out how to position the three to form upper case N?

Noodle N (1)

He had to work closely from a picture to see how it was done, but soon had the first two pencils positioned correctly.

Noodle N (2)

Hmm, should that final pencil be straight up and down, or at an angle? Tada!

Noodle N (3)

Our lower case n made him giggle. Ahead of time, I had cooked a few pieces of spaghetti. I gave him a cooked piece and an uncooked piece. The hard noodle became the straight line of n.

Noodle N (4)

He wiggled around the cooked noodle to form the rest of the letter. Then impishly gobbled it up!

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