Sight Word Bean Bag Toss

Sight Word Bingo (6)

Travis is struggling a bit with the 40 sight words we’re working on over the summer, and grows impatient just sitting and looking at flashcards. So I switched things up! For this game, I used just 12 very basic words and then moved us outside and turned the sight words into a sport: beanbag toss, that is!

Sight Word Bingo (2)

I made a 3 x 4 rectangular grid out of chalk on the patio and wrote in the 12 words.

Sight Word Bingo (1)

I handed Travis a beanbag and told him that the goal was to toss it into a square. For each one he landed in, he had to shout out the word.

Sight Word Bingo (3)

It was helpful for him that I took turns, too. He could hear me reiterate any word that he might have already landed on, making it ever more familiar. Or sometimes I aimed for ones I knew were particular tricky for him, like ‘the’.

Sight Word Bingo (5)

By the end, he was quick with some he has struggled over previously, like ‘up’ and the ‘in/is/it’ trio. We’ll be playing this one again!

Sight Word Bingo (4)