Tesselations (9).JPG

Tessellations are geometric patterns that perfectly fill an area with no overlaps. I remember making them using a computer program back in middle school, and marveling at the way the patterns could rotate or connect. Here is a highly simplified version that even a kindergartner can grasp, which can gently introduce your child to the concept.

Tesselations (6)

To make your tessellation, draw a line along one edge of a post-it with marker, in any shape, as long as the line extends from corner to corner.

Tesselations (1)

I had to help Travis a bit with this slightly odd instruction.

Tesselations (2)

Cut out along the marker line, then tape that piece onto the front of the post-it. Your tessellation is ready to go!

Tesselations (3)

Now trace this in a line across a piece of paper.

Tesselations (4)

Once you’ve filled in the paper, color each portion, ideally in a pattern.

Tesselations (7)

Travis did great careful work to color within the lines, and thought the final result looked a bit like the scoots on a turtle shell!

Tesselations (8)


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