Squeeze Bottle Bath


Squirt Bottle (2)

Learning to squirt water is great for strengthening little hands and fists, all in preparation for bigger skills down the line like holding a pen or scissors. And there’s no better place to practice squirting water than in the bathtub!

So tonight, Veronika and I simply brought an empty squeeze bottle into the tub (leftover from a tie-dye project, in fact).

Squirt Bottle (1)

I showed her how to fill up the bottle, which was fun because it made big bubbles blub blub to the surface.

Squirt Bottle (4)

Then I demonstrated how squeezing it made a stream of water jet out. At first she simply held the bottle upside down, waiting for the water to appear. Then she realized she needed to squeeze hard before seeing results. A great lesson in both cause-and-effect and motor skills!

Squirt Bottle (3)

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