Rainbow Jello Sensory Play

Rainbow Jello (5)

I originally intended this as a sensory project for Veronika, but it turned out that my kindergartner loved it just as much; it was a nice reminder that even though he’s into battling Star Wars Lego figures, he’s still a little boy at heart.

First you’ll need to make jel dessert in all colors of the rainbow. Regular jell-o is available in every color, but not the vegan brands. I can find vegan jel dessert in red, orange, and yellow, but for the other colors, I use clear jel dessert and add food coloring.

Rainbow Jello (1)

Prepare all the colors, then set in the fridge until firm. (Note: the green never did firm up, which may have been because I used too much food coloring and made it too watery. As a result, our sensory play had a variety of textures).

Rainbow Jello (2)

Spoon the jel desserts onto a tray in rainbow order. It won’t stay this way for long…

Rainbow Jello (4)

I placed the tray over a few towels and stripped Veronika down to a diaper – no worry about sticky clothes here – then let her loose with spoons and spatulas. She immediately got started!

Rainbow Jello (8)

As mentioned, big brother Travis wanted an equal share of this project. He couldn’t wait for a jello snack.

Rainbow Jello (7)

And just to play!

Rainbow Jello (6)

Soon the kids were scooping and stirring and mushing. They layered rainbow “cakes” and stirred up rainbow “soup”. “Soup!” Veronika proudly repeated back when Travis used the word.  There were lots of fun vocab words to use, like soupy and lumpy and blobby and wobbly.

Rainbow Jello (9)

Plus: “Yummy!” she said, whenever she got a little taste. A perfect way to fill over 30 minutes of play.

Rainbow Jello (10)

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