Rainbow Craft Challenge

Rainbow Challenge (5)

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Travis’s art challenge from Highlights magazine was to make a rainbow using tissue paper, glue, and… anything from the recycling bin!

So of course first we had to dump everything from the bin onto the floor. Travis loved going through the pile, including boxes and tubes and cans that we didn’t ultimately use for the project (some of which became props for his games all afternoon).

Rainbow Challenge (1)

A pizza box was the largest piece of cardboard available so that became our base. We glued down blue tissue paper for a quick background.

Rainbow Challenge (2)

I had bought tissue paper in every color of the rainbow, and assumed we would tear these into tiny pieces. But Travis had other ideas, and I loved watching him twist a sheet of each color into a rope, then glue these in rainbow order.

Rainbow Challenge (3)

A black bottle cap made a pot of gold and white tissue paper glued on to a container lid became a puffy cloud. Clever!

Rainbow Challenge (4)

Here’s hoping we have some extra luck whenSt. Patrick’s Day rolls around next week.

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