Pipe Cleaner Sculpture

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (6)

Pipe cleaners are a fantastic way to introduce your toddler to the idea of 3-D and sculptural art. Because the ends of pipe cleaners can be pointy, this is definitely an activity that you want to supervise the entire time, not something for a toddler busy box. I loved taking time today with Veronika to show her how to manipulate them.

To start, I dumped out a package of multi-colored pipe cleaners in front of her. So needless to say, the game was already a hit!

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (1)

I started by making a few fun shapes. Using our imaginations, this one looked like a dog.

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (4)

She got quite a kick out of mommy’s art skills as we made the pipe cleaner say “woof”!

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (var)

Her next request was for a sheep, so I wound together white pipe cleaners into a semblance of a woolly lamb..

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (3)

She then loved pulling off the curly “wool” pieces.

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (5)

I tried to think of the safest way to make her a “sculpture” without resulting in any poking and pricking, and circles seemed ideal. Loop these together in a pattern or in rainbow order, or any other way that strikes your fancy!

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (alt)

Veronika loved holding long chains of the loops, and also decided that individual circles made great bangles and anklets!

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (8)

In sum, you’ll have a great time together discovering all the ways you can manipulate the pipe cleaners, whether tight curly-cues, or interesting shapes, or more.

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture (7)

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