Food-Coloring Fingerpaint

Food Color Fingerpaint (9)

Go figure! I’ve been trying method after method to encourage Veronika to keep her fingers out of the paint, but when I tested out this neat idea that actually encourages finger painting, she wanted to use a brush! Luckily she did switch to hands eventually, and I was glad she did. This is goopy glorious toddler art at its best.

Food Color Fingerpaint (7)

To start, I set a thick piece of white paper on her highchair tray and drizzled on a little corn syrup. Squirt a few different colors of food coloring into the corn syrup blobs; the colors will instantly run and bleed in a beautiful way!

Food Color Fingerpaint (2)

Veronika began cautiously dabbing at this with a paint brush. She was so intrigued as she lifted up a drop of colored syrup, then transferred her brush over to another section of paper to press down.

Food Color Fingerpaint (3)

I love watching when she concentrates on art this way.

Food Color Fingerpaint (4)

Well, eventually it was up to me to get my hands dirty first! I showed her how she could rub a finger through the mixture, swirling the color and corn syrup together for a glossy paint-like effect.

Food Color Fingerpaint (6)

At last! The fingers went into the finger paint.

Food Color Fingerpaint (8)

“Goopy!” she squealed with delight. “Squishy!” This girl is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She loved smearing it, rubbing sticky hands together, and watching the colors mix.

Food Color FIngerpaint (12)

The painting looks quite shiny and pretty once the corn syrup dries! Definitely one to display.

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