Safari Binoculars

Safari Binoculars (4)

Here’s a classic craft that I knew Veronika would love because it involves one of her current favorite things: stickers!

To assemble your toddler’s very own binoculars, start with two empty toilet paper tubes. I had bug and fish stickers, both perfect themes for this project, and she loved placing stickers all over.

Safari Binoculars (2)

I find it helpful to peel up the edges of stickers slightly at this age, so she can then pull them the rest of the way off the sticker sheets without frustration.

Safari Binoculars (5)

Resist the urge to correct your toddler’s sticker placement; it was just fine if a few overlapped, or if she clustered them in one spot!

Safari Binoculars (3)

I glued the tubes together (or you can use tape if you don’t have time to wait for the glue to dry), then punched a hole near the top of each tube on the outer edge. I threaded yarn through to make a loop so Veronika could wear them around her neck.

Safari Binoculars (6)

Now it was time to head out into the wilderness! Off she goes for her first safari.

Safari Binoculars (8)

Honestly she was probably more into them as an accessory than a viewfinder, but they were particularly neat for watching bugs up close.

Safari Binoculars (11)

Older siblings may just clamor for a turn, too!

Safari Binoculars (9)

If you prefer to have your safaris indoors, consider using these on a stuffed animal hunt instead.

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