Leaf Stomp

Leaf Scrunch (4)

Here’s a fun way for a toddler to enjoy the experience of stomping through leaves without all the effort of raking a huge pile!

Head to your backyard or a local park and pick a tree with lots of leaves on the ground. Invite your child to help toss leaves into any box with tall sides, ideally about waist high on your child. We found a tree with gorgeous red ones!

Veronika preferred scrunching her feet through the leaves on the ground while I filled our box.

Leaf Scrunch (1)

Once the leaves reached about mid-way up her calf, I set her inside and it was time to stomp and crunch!

Leaf Scrunch (2)

Dump, refill, and repeat this as many times as your child wants to. It’s almost as much fun to toss leaves into the box as it is to stomp on them.

Leaf Scrunch (5)

If you add a few more leaves each time, pretty soon you will have a leaf pile, with hardly any effort!

Leaf Scrunch (3)

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