Fall Squishy Bag

Fall Squishy Bag (3)

This quick sensory bag was very similar to a recent sensory bottle I made for Veronika, except this time it was in squishy form!

To start, fill a large zip-top bag with clear hair gel. I added yellow food coloring for the perfect autumnal hue.

Fall Squishy Bag (1)

Next I added leaves and acorns. You have two choices here: opt for silk leaves and plastic acorns if you have them from the store. And if not, simply use the real thing! We sure have lots of acorns and leaves from recent nature walks, so we went with the real deal.

Fall Squishy Bag (2)

Veronika really seemed to enjoy the contrast between soft leaves, squishy gel, and hard bumpy acorns.

Fall Squishy Bag (4)

She picked it up to see if it made shaky noises, but then realized this one was better suited to squishing around with her fingers.

Fall Squishy Bag (5)

She also tested out standing on it!

Fall Squishy Bag (8)

The bag was gorgeous sparkling in the light when the sun hit it mid-afternoon. In sum, a easy sensory bag, just right for autumn.

Fall Squishy Bag (7)

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