Halloween Countdown Day 5: Giant Chalk Pumpkin

Halloween 5 chalk pumpkin (5)

In today’s run-up to Halloween anticipation, tell your kids they’re about to grow the biggest pumpkin in the world. Yes, bigger than the county fair winners; yes, bigger than the Great Pumpkin. How, you ask?

With chalk!

Head to your driveway or any similar large surface and pull out the orange and green chalk. Really the only limit was how much space we could color in with our one stick of orange. But we got nearly a patio-sized pumpkin.

Halloween 5 chalk pumpkin (3)

Bigger kids can help with the actual pumpkin; younger siblings will love scribbling with chalk alongside you.

Halloween 5 chalk pumpkin (1)

There was a sort of nostalgia to this project, too, since it’s likely a farewell to sidewalk chalk until spring.

Halloween 5 chalk pumpkin (2)

We’ll love looking out at our “pumpkin patch” for the next few days, until rain washes it away.

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