Pumpkin Fun with Washi Tape

Washi Tape Pumpkin (8)

Here’s a great for even little kids to help decorate pumpkins, since there are no carving knives required.

I had a pack of decorative washi tape that’s been sitting around forever, so I pulled out all the rolls and broke off pieces of the various colors, arranging them around the sides of a craft tray.

Washi Tape Pumpkin (1)

In this way, I figured Veronika would be able to grab a piece and stick on a pumpkin (we used white ones!) without constantly needing me to rip a new piece for her.

Washi Tape Pumpkin (2)

Sure enough, she set to work right away.

Washi Tape Pumpkin (3)

Through trial and error, we determined tricks for how best to washi tape a pumpkin. At first, the pumpkins were a little wet from having rinsed the dirt off, which meant the tape didn’t stick well. So make sure your pumpkins are dry!

Washi Tape Pumpkin (4)

We also discovered that the edges of small tape pieces would curl up; long strips wrapped from stem to bottom worked best. At a certain point, I took over, but Veronika was an eager helper!

Washi Tape Pumpkin (6)

This was a great even-a-toddler-can-do-it way to decorate pumpkins.

Washi Tape Pumpkin (7)


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