Pumpkin Halloween Masks

Pumpkin Halloween Masks (6)

We made a quick paper bag mask for Veronika today, which prompted the idea to make masks for our pumpkins, too! This is, incidentally, a great craft if your kids are constantly asking if it’s time to carve the pumpkins into jack o’ lanterns yet (ahem, like mine are). Adorn them with these mask faces now, and everyone is happy until carving day!

First, Travis helped me design a few masks for our biggest pumpkins. The lights were out from a storm (spooky!) so we drew by flashlight, which perfectly fit the mood. Let your kids design however they like, or provide examples like silly cheeks and big toothy grins.

Pumpkin Halloween Masks (1)

I repeated the activity with Veronika once the lights were on the next morning, drawing a brightly-colored jack o’ lantern face against an orange background while she scribbled on another piece of paper.

Pumpkin Halloween Masks (2)

She loved helping punch holes in the sides of each paper when we were done.

Pumpkin Halloween Masks (4)

I threaded bright yarn through the holes and then tied securely around each pumpkin.

Pumpkin Halloween Masks (5)

Our pumpkins have faces, and there’s no risk of rotting!


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