Paper Bag Faces

Paper Bag Faces (6)

We had a few extra paper bags from the grocery store lying around, so today Veronika and I had fun with them in two ways. You can turn a paper bag into a face… or be the face inside one!

Similar to a recent game with paper bag “blocks”, first I stuffed a medium-sized bag with crumpled up pages from an old magazine.

Paper Bag Faces (2)

Fill nearly to the top, then gather together the extra material and secure with a rubber band.

Paper Bag Faces (3)

I invited Veronika to come help draw a face on the bag. We added cheerful eyes and a big silly smile so the bag wouldn’t scare her.

Paper Bag Faces (7)

Kids will love saying hello to this new friend, or might want to pick it up and carry it around. Veronika almost seemed to think it was alive, asking it to sing songs with her!

Paper Bag Faces (8)

Now that she had a new friend, what would she think if she was the face inside the bag?

Paper Bag Faces (4)

After she scribbled on a second bag with marker, I cut out two big eye holes, then popped it briefly over her head.

Paper Bag Faces (5)

Boo! She thought it was silly for a few minutes, but then tired of it.

Paper Bag Faces (9)

But there’s no better season than Halloween to scare up some fun with an activity like this.


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