Halloween Countdown Day 9: Go Batty

Halloween 9 Get Batty (3)

Today we got silly with our Halloween countdown with an activity that was equal parts imagination and learning. Halloween decor features so many creatures that we think of as scary, but that have fascinating science behind them. Think spiders, black cats, and in this case… bats!

To set the scene, we first watched a Wild Kratt’s bat episode. The kids thought they were just watching a cartoon, but there was lots to learn about echolocation! We also checked out a quick nature clip about the sounds that bats make to echolocate (navigate by bouncing sounds off the walls).

Halloween 9 Get Batty (7)

Now the question was, could the kids do it?

We dressed up in black gear (capes and hats!) and they closed their eyes in the middle of the living room.

Halloween 9 Get Batty (6)

I encouraged lots of chirpy baby bat noises. For Veronika, this was just silly fun, but Travis was so proud that he really could make it through our first floor without bumping into any walls.

Halloween 9 Get Batty (8)

For extra batty fun, I traced a bat template onto black construction paper, then cut these out and taped to craft sticks. Now each kid had a bat to fly around!

Halloween 9 Get Batty (2)

Travis loved hanging the bats upside down on walls and windows, and it led to lots more play throughout their evening.

Halloween 9 Get Batty alt

Now Halloween bats won’t seem quite so spooky!


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