Halloween Countdown Day 12: Scavenger Hunt

Halloween 12 Scavenger Hunt (1)

Part of the reason we started our countdown to Halloween this year is that some traditions just can’t happen safely while social distancing (we’re looking at you, trunk-or-treating).

Instead, I pitched the idea of a town window scavenger hunt to a local family group. Within a week it was organized and ready to go!

The goal was for kids to spot 8 Halloween images in the windows of 8 stores along our town’s main street. No need to go in the stores (although patronizing local businesses safely is also an excellent goal right now).

The scavenger hunt was set up with various degrees of difficulty for different ages. Young toddlers like Veronika could circle each image.

Halloween 12 Scavenger Hunt (4)

Elementary school kids could draw a line from each shop name to the proper image, or write the name of the store in a provided space. The kids loved spotting silly spiders and ghosts!

Halloween 12 Scavenger Hunt (3)

At the end, they turned in their score cards for a free scoop of sorbet at a local shop.

Scavenger Hunt alt

A rather sweet treat, no tricks!

Halloween 12 Scavenger Hunt (2)

How is your town organizing Halloween for kids this year? Please share in the comments !


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