Slimy Spaghetti Sensory Activity

Spaghetti Potion (6)

Veronika enjoyed a recent craft with spaghetti so much that I thought we’d do a repeat today, this time with more of a Halloween theme!

Spaghetti Potion (1)

I cooked a package of spaghetti and divided it in half. My intention was to tint one half orange and one half black with food coloring. Because I had to mix colors to achieve black, it was more of a deep bluish purple, but that was just as eerie and witchy in its own way!

Spaghetti Potion (2)

That was it! I set the two big bowls (er, cauldrons) of spaghetti “slime” in front of Veronika, along with a few other kitchen tools like colanders and sieves.

Spaghetti Potion (3)

She immediately was busy ladling, scooping, and transferring.

Spaghetti Potion (5)

Spaghetti bubbling up from the steamer basket looked like little worms!

Spaghetti Potion (7)

She kept the colors together for a while, but soon was mixing and matching.

Spaghetti Potion (8)

I knew Veronika would love this, but I hadn’t counted on big brother Travis wanting to get involved! He immediately wanted his own ladle and whisk and began making batches of witch’s brew.

Spaghetti Potion (4)

I had put newspaper on the floor, so believe it or not, clean-up was a breeze.

Spaghetti Potion (9)

Luckily our all-natural food coloring washes off hands easily, too, so a quick wash and the fun was done.


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