Balloon, Cork, and Ice Bath

Balloon Cork Ice Bath (2)

What do the three items in the title of this post have in common? They all float in water! And that was precisely the point of this simple way to make bathtime more fun. Little did Veronika know that this was a mini lesson on density, disguised as novel water toys.

For the first surprise, I tossed in a handful of corks I’d been saving (you can also simply purchase corks at a craft store). These were fun to bob around like little boats. We could even have cork boat races.

Balloon Cork Ice Bath (1)

Big brother Travis suggested drawing faces on them! Now they became little swimmers to figure into the kids’ imaginative games.

Ballon Cork Ice Bath alt

Next, I blew up a few bright balloons and tossed these in. I challenged the kids to try dunking the balloons under the water, and of course they popped up every time.

Balloon Cork Ice Bath (3)

Veronika also loved pouring “potions” over the balloons. For the final surprise, I tossed in a handful of ice cubes.

Balloon Cork Ice Bath (4)

These floated for a moment (again, there’s that mini science lesson), before very quickly disappearing. Could we hold them in our hands as they melted? Not for long!

Balloon Cork Ice Bath (5)

Needless to say, bath was extra fun tonight with minimal effort on my part.

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