Halloween Countdown Day 15: Eat Orange Meals

Halloween 15 Orange Meals (1)

Forget about eating the rainbow for a day. As we reach the halfway point in our countdown to Halloween, it was time to eat only orange for the day (well, mostly orange).

At each meal, I made sure to include at least two orange foods. Breakfast featured oranges and pumpkin waffles.

Halloween 15 Orange Meals (2)

Snacks included goodies like vegan cheese crackers, cheddar cheese slices, and crunchy orange bell peppers.

Halloween 15 Orange Meals (4)

Carrots were the star of the show at lunch, including a carrot sauce over sauteed tofu.

Halloween 15 Orange Meals (3)

Dinner featured roasted butternut squash and orange pasta (Note: if you cook up red lentil pasta, it will turn orange after it boils). An carrot-laced marinara sauce finished things off!

Halloween 15 Orange Meals (5)

The one place we didn’t have orange was dessert. Too bad we didn’t have pumpkin pie in the house! What would you serve on an all-orange day? Please share in the comments!


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