Mix and Match Monsters

Mix and Match Monsters (7)

After playing with felt faces to make happy and sad people, it felt like it was time to get a little more Halloween-y and play a version with… felt monsters!

For each monster body, I simply drew free-hand on a piece of felt and cut out the shapes. My monsters were fairly cute and definitely not threatening. Think bubbly round buddies and short stubby limbs.

Mix and Match Monsters (1)

I then hot-glued black felt onto white circles for a few monster eyes, but mostly, I relied on pre-cut pieces of felt to form additional facial features.

Mix and Match Monsters (2)

Time to make some silly faces! Veronika was delighted as soon as she saw what we were up to. She loved making a three-eyed monster with a smile. “She’s happy!” she told me (happily). So this very quickly turned into a lesson on emotional learning, too.

Mix and Match Monsters (3)

We made grumpy monsters and surprised monsters.

Mix and Match Monsters (4)

Then she wanted to get them dressed. This one, according to Veronika, was wearing pants and his shirt.

Mix and Match Monsters (6)

I loved watching the way she interacted with these little creatures.

Mix and Match Monsters (5)

And nothing was too spooky!


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