Pocket Matching

Pocket Matching (14)

I had a few old scraps of fabric floating around our craft bin that were begging to be put to good use. So I put together this quick project for Veronika!

To start, cut a pocket shape from at least 3 different fabric swatches. (Note: you could also use gift wrap if you don’t have fabric).

Pocket Matching (1)

Arrange them on a piece of poster board and cover with contact paper. Carefully use a craft knife to make a slit at the top of each fabric swatch so that you now have pockets.

Pocket Matching (4)

To make “handkerchiefs” for each pocket, I cut two rectangles from each fabric pattern. Place these on squares of poster board as well and cover with contact paper. You’ll notice I needed a little extra tape to secure the fabric on the edges since my contact paper peeled off, which sort of spoiled the effect. Luckily, Veronika didn’t mind!

Pocket Matching (5)

Now, I set down the poster board and laid the rectangles next to her. Because it stood out the most, I first asked her to find the polka dot fabric. Could she put it in the polka dot pocket? Yes!

Pocket Matching (8)

As soon as she had the idea, she matched up white flowers to white flowers and blue flowers to blue flowers.

Pocket Matching (7)

She absolutely adored these little “handkerchiefs” and opened up the pockets to find them and repeat several times.

Pocket Matching (11)

When I wasn’t directly guiding her, she mix and matched patterns of course. But she seemed aware of this, too. “They don’t match!” she chirped up at one point, putting the polka dot rectangle into one of the floral-print pockets.

Pocket Matching (12)

This activity is great both to engage directly with your toddler and to leave him or her to it solo as a busy activity.

Pocket Matching (13)


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