Waffle Rover

Waffle Rover (7)

What’s better than a little Mars Rover your kids can steer around the house? One they can eat, of course!

Waffle Rover (1)

This cute recipe comes together in mere moments. Toast two waffles and then trim the edges so you have 2 squares instead of 2 circles. Reserve one of the cut pieces and trim into a small rectangle (this will later be the rover’s head).

Waffle Rover (3)

Spread one waffle square with any sweet sticky spread. We tried one version with chocolate-hazelnut butter and a second with sunflower seed butter. Place the second waffle square on top. Spread additional sticky spread along two sides of the square and attach banana slices as wheels.

Waffle Rover (4)

To build the head of the rover, thread 2 blueberries onto a toothpick, followed by the small waffle rectangle and a final blueberry.

Waffle Rover (5)

We found that our rover head stood up better if we used two toothpicks instead of one.

Waffle Rover (6)

Chances are your rovers won’t have long to explore before they’re gobbled up!


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