Winter Road

Winter Road (1)

What do you do when the kids want to play in the snow but you only have a thin, icy layer that’s not great for making snowmen? Make a road, instead!

I did this the easiest way ever, not even a shovel required. Instead, I took a few old markers and drew the outline of a road directly onto the snow.

Winter Road (2)

Now all the kids had to do was drive along the track.

Winter Road (3)

We added a few cross streets and curves to our road, and even a little stop sign for an early lesson on road safety.

Winter Road (5)

I had mostly intended the track for Veronika, but it turned out that big brother Travis loved driving the cars, too.

Winter Road (6)

Construction vehicles were particularly fun, like our bulldozer and dump truck which could scoop up snow or be filled with it.

Winter Road (7)

The icy wind drove us indoors fairly quickly, but at least we got in a little creative snow play!

Winter Road (4)


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