Shaving Cream Rainbows

Shaving Cream Rainbows (1)

Here’s a messy and hands-on way to make a full rainbow with your toddler!

I squirted shaving cream into each of the 6 compartments of a muffin tin, then set out food coloring in the three primary colors.

Shaving Cream Rainbows (2)

Veronika was my helper to squeeze the color into each portion of shaving cream. We could make red, yellow, and blue just by squirting into three of the shaving cream portions. The other three portions required mixing: red + yellow made orange (alas, a sort of muddy one), yellow + blue made a bright green, and blue + red turned into a vibrant purple.

Shaving Cream Rainbows (5)

I had to work quickly, because Veronika immediately wanted to turn this into sensory play!

Shaving Cream Rainbows (4)

Soon she was scooping up portions of the colored shaving cream on craft sticks, stirring them, and smearing them together. I had intended to scoop out a bit of each shaving cream color and make an actual arcing rainbow, but she was so content that I let her play the game her way.

Shaving Cream Rainbows (6)

Was she as interested in the fact that we’d mixed up ROYGBIV? Not especially; this really turned out to be sensory play. But we had fun with this very messy rainbow!