Pom-Pom Bunny Wreath

CL Bunny Wreath (2)

Sometimes I spot a holiday craft so cute I just have to make it, even without the kids involved. That was the case with this adorable bunny wreath, spotted in Country Living magazine. The project almost entirely involves hot glue, hence why it was a mommy project although older elementary children could pitch in.

To start, I hot glued pom poms in a double circle around a Styrofoam ring. If you find larger white pom poms, you’ll only need one circle.

CL Bunny Wreath (1)

Next, I cut bunny ears from white felt, and smaller strips in the same shape from pink felt. Hot glue the two colors together, and then to the back of the craft ring.

CL Bunny Wreath (3)

Hang up and wait for the Easter bunny to hop on by!

Water Activity with Newspaper

Newspaper and Water (2)

When Travis was a toddler, I once set him loose with a tray of nothing more than newspaper and water and he kept busy for nearly an hour! So when I spotted this morning’s pile of newspaper about to be recycled, I quickly set up a variation for Veronika.

This time, I cut the newspaper into strips and then set out three jars, each filled with a little water dyed with food coloring.

Newspaper and Water (1)

As soon as she saw the pots of colored water, Veronika asked for paintbrushes! She loved brushing lightly over the newspaper, which quickly soaked up water and color both.

Newspaper and Water (3)

My assumption was that she’d want to drunk the newspaper into the water and see what happened when it got even wetter. It turned out she was much more into the pots of water, and transferring liquid back and forth. But we did pour some over the newspaper and observe how the paper changed from dry to wet.

Newspaper and Water (5)

It was fun to squeeze out the wet newspaper like a sponge, too; it holds surprisingly more than you would think!

Newspaper and Water (4)

The activity was also great practice for scooping water up, to refill her jars.

Newspaper and Water (6)

In sum, she didn’t play quite as long as Travis had as a toddler, but still enjoyed the activity. Prefer your newspaper games dry? Test out our recent fun with indoor newspaper throwing instead!

Newspaper and Water (7)

Spring Chick Card

Easter Chick Card (4)

This cute card is the perfect seasonal greeting for family or friends. To start, Travis helped pick out four different patterns of scrapbook paper. Any patterns will work, though you may want to stick within one color family or theme.

Easter Chick Card (1)

Fold one sheet in half and draw an egg shape along the crease. Cut out and then cut the top piece in half with a zigzag shape.

Easter Chick Card (2)

Cut out additional patterns of paper in the same shape so they fit the inside of the card, and then glue down. Cut a small oval from a final paper pattern to be the body of a chick. Add bunny ears and a beak with scraps of paper, then draw on eyes, wings, and feet.

Easter Chick Card (3)

It’s not the Easter bunny, it’s an Easter chick!

Easter Chick Card (5)

This adorable card works perfectly as an Easter gift, of course, but also makes a great birthday card or note simply to say happy spring. Travis was in charge of writing in a sweet message before we mailed it off!