Tissue Paper Baby Chick

Tissue Paper Chick (6)

Our fun with spring chicks continues, and Veronika has loved exploring the different materials from our craft bin as we make each version to mark the season. This time, she got to have fun with tissue paper!

First, you’ll need lots of squares of yellow tissue paper. You can invite your child to help rip up pieces, or preschoolers can use the opportunity for scissor practice instead. Next, I traced a circle onto white paper and cut out, and then Veronika helped smear it with a glue stick.

Tissue Paper Chick (1)

All she had to do was cover it with tissue paper. This is such a forgiving material for toddlers, since it takes very little glue to make tissue paper stick. In short order, we had a fluffy yellow chick.

Tissue Paper Chick (2)

To make the legs, twist a small piece of orange pipe cleaner around a larger piece of pipe cleaner, such that it forms three toes.

Tissue Paper Chick (4)

All that was left to do was to glue down two wiggle eyes and an orange paper beak.

Tissue Paper Chick (7)

Fruit Dips

Fruit Dips (1)

Veronika doesn’t like to eat yogurt off a spoon, but here’s a fantastic way to introduce the flavor to little ones who might otherwise be hesitant: turn it into a dip!

In general, toddlers love to dip food and this snack plays right into that desire. I set out a plate for her with a variety of cut up fruits, including strawberries, nectarine, oranges, green grapes, apple, banana, and pineapple. I wasn’t aiming for a full rainbow (although you could!), but we did hit nearly every hue from ROYGBIV.

Fruit Dips (2)

Next, I cut plastic straws into short pieces and then poked a straw piece into each fruit cube. Spoon a little vanilla non-dairy yogurt directly into the center of the plate. Time to dip!

Fruit Dips (3)

Veronika loved that she was in charge of this snack. Sometimes she would dip a fruit piece in and eat fruit and yogurt together. Sometimes she used the fruit more like a spoon for the yogurt, scooping it up and licking off. Apple pieces were her favorite for this particular method.

Fruit Dips (5)

I had one very happy little snacker.

Fruit Dips (6)