Pom-Pom Bunny Wreath

CL Bunny Wreath (2)

Sometimes I spot a holiday craft so cute I just have to make it, even without the kids involved. That was the case with this adorable bunny wreath, spotted in Country Living magazine. The project almost entirely involves hot glue, hence why it was a mommy project although older elementary children could pitch in.

To start, I hot glued pom poms in a double circle around a Styrofoam ring. If you find larger white pom poms, you’ll only need one circle.

CL Bunny Wreath (1)

Next, I cut bunny ears from white felt, and smaller strips in the same shape from pink felt. Hot glue the two colors together, and then to the back of the craft ring.

CL Bunny Wreath (3)

Hang up and wait for the Easter bunny to hop on by!


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