Spring Chick Card

Easter Chick Card (4)

This cute card is the perfect seasonal greeting for family or friends. To start, Travis helped pick out four different patterns of scrapbook paper. Any patterns will work, though you may want to stick within one color family or theme.

Easter Chick Card (1)

Fold one sheet in half and draw an egg shape along the crease. Cut out and then cut the top piece in half with a zigzag shape.

Easter Chick Card (2)

Cut out additional patterns of paper in the same shape so they fit the inside of the card, and then glue down. Cut a small oval from a final paper pattern to be the body of a chick. Add bunny ears and a beak with scraps of paper, then draw on eyes, wings, and feet.

Easter Chick Card (3)

It’s not the Easter bunny, it’s an Easter chick!

Easter Chick Card (5)

This adorable card works perfectly as an Easter gift, of course, but also makes a great birthday card or note simply to say happy spring. Travis was in charge of writing in a sweet message before we mailed it off!


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