Japanese Flower Art

Japanese Flower (8)

Travis has been very into all things Japanese these days, starting with ninjas and moving on through sushi, taiko drumming, and more. So we were psyched to see a project in his latest Highlights magazine that detailed how to make Japanese flower art (ikebana), a practice that goes back 500 years!

First, cut two cups from an upcycled egg carton. Poke a hole through the cups, and stack them together. Flip them so they are bottom side up and place in a flower pot or small bowl.

Japanese Flower (1)

Begin adding flowers, one at a time. Keep space between each flower in the arrangement, tilting them if needed.

Japanese Flower (3)

It was absolutely beautiful to watch Travis work, so deliberate and careful.

Japanese Flower (2)

I had purchased a few different types of flowers and greenery at the supermarket, and Travis loved selecting which should go next, especially the berries that were laid out.

Japanese Flower (4)

We could start to see why ikebana is a form of meditation!

Once the arrangement was to his satisfaction, we filled our flower pot with small stones (you can purchase these at a craft store), which heightened the beauty.

Japanese Flower (5)

Fill your container with water, and enjoy your flowers!

Japanese Flower (6)

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