Foot Day

Foot Day (3).JPG

On the heels of a hands day with Veronika, today was all about feet… and those adorable piggy toes of course.

The idea, as with the day we devoted to hands, was to pick a body part and make it the focus for twenty-four hours. I recited a few nursery rhymes that feature feet (This Little Piggy is an obvious choice). I also sang ‘Clap Your Hands’, but made up verses about feet: stomp stomp stomp your feet; tip tip tippy toe; wiggle wiggle wiggle your toes etc.

Foot Day (5)

I then pulled out a few stuffed animal friends to show her their feet.

Foot Day (7)

It was fun to play with a clean pair of baby shoes!

Foot Day (9)

We read books about feet, including Dr. Seuss’s classic The Foot Book

Food Day alt.JPG

…and one that focused on toes.

Foot Day (4)

Finally, I pointed out feet to her wherever we saw them throughout the day. Look, mommy’s feet are in slippers!

Foot Day (8)



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