Mini Tent Craft Challenge

Tent Challenge (6).JPG

This month’s craft challenge from Highlights magazine was to make a tent using only 3 materials: craft sticks, cardstock, and yarn. Travis was gamely up for the challenge!

He remembered sleeping in a tent from an adventure last summer, so knew right away that he wanted to fold the cardstock in half to make the canvas frame.

Tent Challenge (1)

I challenged him to think of a way to make this tent more sturdy and stable. The craft sticks!

Since we weren’t allowed to use tape, we poked the sticks through the cardstock to make a hole. Two sticks then created a sort of A-frame.

Tent Challenge (5)

A piece of yarn was a handy way to make it hold together.

Tent Challenge (2)

Travis soon had a few little tents set up, and extra craft sticks made a campfire!

Tent Challenge (3)

You can then have fun populating your campsite with Lego or Duplo figures for a morning of camp play! Thanks for the challenge, Highlights.

Tent Challenge (4)

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