Postcard Journal

Postcard Journal (6)

Acting on a suggestion from Highlights magazine, Travis is beginning a summer-long postcard journal. We have no grand trips planned, but there’s no reason that should stop us (or you) from the activity; we plan to pick up a postcard at every place we go in the next two months, whether or local or further afield!

This is a neat way to introduce kids to postcards, which may seem like a throwback to another era in this age of vacation posts on Instagram and Facebook. Travis thought it was neat when we headed to the local bookstore and picked out a postcard just of our home town, our first summer location.

We also checked out one of the sights in town and made sure to scoop up a postcard there.

Postcard Journal (3)

Punch a hole in each postcard after the visit, and loop them together on a key ring (or thread them together on a piece of yarn.

Postcard Journal (2)

For each place we visit, we jot down the date and some memories on the back. These memories can be grand or ho-hum, but the key is to capture a few details.

Postcard Journal (5)

And to remember your summer on one easy key ring. As with Travis’s Summer Memory Jar, we’ll be updating this all summer long, so stay tuned for an update!

Postcard Journal alt

Update: Travis loved collecting postcards at each stop along our summer, whether local attractions or vacation visits. This is definitely an activity we’ll continue in years to come.

Postcard Journal var.JPG



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