Jellybean J

Jellybean J (2)

Today’s letter of the day for tracing had an edible treat at the end – jellybeans!

Travis easily traced both upper case J and lower case j, and then I told him he was going to love our 3-D model today because it involved a favorite treat.

Place jellybeans on a sheet of parchment paper, and challenge your child to recreate the letter with the candies.

Jellybean J (1)

Travis didn’t even need to look at an example. I helped him make his dot a bit more precise…

Jellybean J (3)

…but then it was impishly gobbled up.

For the big J, I pulled out a few old winter scarves (how jolly!), and I asked him to make them into the upper case letter. This wasn’t as easy as the candy. He looked at me in amused confusion.

Jellybean J (4)

I helped him form one scarf into the hook. He still couldn’t quite see where the second should align…

Jellybean J (5)

Aha, now he saw how to cross it at the top.

Jellybean J (6)

As with the other letters we’ve tackled this summer, these hands-on models are fantastic for reinforcing the two-dimensional lesson of tracing on paper.

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