Take a Mini Break

Mini Break (1)

Today’s activity probably sounds like an easy one to most parents – but it’s the hardest kind for me! It challenged me to take a mini break, not only to help Veronika out as she enters the phase of separation anxiety, but also for me, the caregiver. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves, or quite simply don’t have the time to, but it’s important to remember to take a time-out every now and again.

So I stunned my husband announcing I’d be taking a ten minute break.

I waved bye bye to Veronika, who was playing on daddy’s lap. The goodbye is important here, instead of sneaking away.

Mini Break (6)

Then I shut the bedroom door, and this is the key; don’t be available for a full 10 minutes. Do something just for you. Here’s the chair where Veronika normally sits when I shower. It entertains her fantastically, but it also means I’m still “on” even during shower time, frequently singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ from behind the curtain.  So wow, a baby-free shower!

Mini Break (3)

I had time to read a magazine and pen in a journal.

Mini Break (4)

Oh wow, this is almost relaxing. Are those my feet, up off the floor?

Mini Break (5)

I’m exaggerating somewhat, but you get the idea. That ten minute pause was amazing, and then I headed back out with renewed energy for my little one. And Veronika did great in the separation! If your spouse isn’t home, consider this activity with a grandparent or babysitter, and enjoy the pause.

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