Kiss Chase

Kiss Chase (8).JPG

At eight months old, Veronika has made a big leap: the art of anticipation. This is why you may notice your baby holding out his or her arms now to be picked up, or anticipating a host of other moments in a daily routine.

One way to have fun with this? Be a kissy monster!

“I’m going to kiss you!” I say to Veronika. Wait for it…

Kiss Chase (1)

Wait for it…

Kiss Chase (3)

Kiss Chase (4)

Then I either swoop in and kiss her everywhere, or give raspberries to her belly, or pick her up and kiss all over her cheeks.

She giggles every time, because she knows what’s coming!

This game has only gotten more fun as Veronika attempts to crawl. Now it really can be a “chase.” I tease her by saying, “I’m coming for you!”

Kiss Chase (9)

Oh no, can she get away?

Kiss Chase (7)

Caught by the kissy monster again!

Kiss Chase (6)


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