Balancing Act

Balancing Act (4).JPG

Instead of tracing numbers today, Travis did a math project that was a little more hands-on, constructing a simple balance scale and testing it in various ways.

Balancing Act (1)

Punch three holes in each of two plastic cups. Add three strands of string or yarn to attach each cup to a hanger. By accident, our lengths of string were cut too short, so I ended up taping them on to the hanger.

Balancing Act (2)

The hanger should start out even. I gave Travis a bag of dried beans and had him start adding them to the cups any way he wanted. First the whole apparatus tilted one way…

Balancing Act (3)…then he quickly began adding beans to the other cup to even things out. After achieving a middle balance, he poured all the beans into the other cup, so things tilted the other way!

Balancing Act (5)

Your child may have fun playing around with different variations on this for quite some time. To mix things up, take out the beans and weigh toys or other objects, and see how many balanced combinations you can come up with!

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