Make Handprint Keepsakes

Handprint Keepsake (6)

It’s been a couple of months since I last captured the size of Veronika’s hands and feet – si clearly it was time to do so again!

Use a non-toxic and washable paint and brush it gently onto your little one’s palms and the soles of his or her feet. Press firmly onto watercolor paper. You’ll probably get a little wiggling around, but that’s ok! Make sure you have wipes ready to go for quick clean up. Why are there no pictures of this process? Because paint + eight month old = lots of wrangling!

Handprint Keepsake (1)

Once the prints dried, I used them in two ways. With the handprint, I made a framed keepsake. Cover the backing of a picture frame with decorative fabric, and secure the fabric in place with masking tape.

Handprint Keepsake (2)

Use double-sided tape to attach the handprint in the middle of the fabric. Slip back into the frame and display in the nursery – or give this as a gift to grandparents perhaps!

Handprint Keepsake (3)

The footprint simply went into her memory box which was a great trip down memory lane. There were a few mementos in there I had already forgotten about!

Handprint Keepsake (5)

As long as you don’t mind the mess of painting with a baby, this is a fun project with great keepsakes as a result.

Handprint Keepsake (4)

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