Increase Baby’s Vocabulary: Onomatopoeia

Increase Vocab (2)

Today I focused on a few specific words with Veronika while dressing her and folding laundry… all words having to do with the sounds that clothes can make. In other words, many of these are examples of onomatopoeia, and they’re a fun way to expand your baby’s vocab!

First, of course, there are zippers. I ran a few up and down for her, and said “zzzzzip!”

Increase Vocab (5)

She wanted to reach out and touch the zipper and I encouraged her to babble the zzzz sound back to me.

Increase Vocab (1)

There are lots of other fun ones to try. Each time I snapped her clothes up, I said “snap snap snap”, and then let her hear the sound close to her ear.

Increase Vocab (4)

You can do the same for anything that clicks or buttons, even though these are subtler sounds.

Increase Vocab (3)

In sum, have fun when you dress your child. It will make the mundane tasks of daily dressing or folding laundry that much more enjoyable, and turn into a little lesson to boot!



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